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Thread: 1979 Honda CB650: MSD possible?

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    Default 1979 Honda CB650: MSD possible?

    Is it possible to install a MSD ignition on my '79 Honda CB650? The bike already has "electronic ignition," though it's not super quality. I believe they call it Capacitor Discharge Ignition, or CDI. Would it even help this old bike?

    The engine is a 4-cylinder. Not sure the firing pattern.

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    The only way to use one of our Motorcycle Ignitions is one of our trigger plate would have to be modified to run the system. Our units will not operate off your stock triggering system. What features would you want the ignition to have?

    Thank you

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    I want multiple discharge spark to help the bike with torque. It has virtually no power below 3k rpm. I realize this is due to the engine design, but hotter spark definately wouldn't hurt it any. I'm guessing this would be a pretty big project?

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    Also, by design the carbs on this bike run lean. MSD ignition helps to ignite lean mixtures, so it would probably help my torque quite a bit.

    It's a 4-cyllinder with 1 coil for 2 cyllinders (there are 2 coils total). The coil fires both cyllinders at the same time. What information would you need to help me along with this project? The ignition system is pretty subpar IMO from the factory. I would really like to install your aftermarket system on the bike.

    Need pics of the trigger plate? Need pics of the coils? Need a wiring diagram? Let me know what you need and I'll post it ASAP.

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    The units that could be adapted to work on your application is the MC3 or MC4. If you are needing just a hotter spark the MC3 is the one to use. If you need programmable time the MC4 is the unit you will need. On the MC4 you will need to use one of our motorcycle trigger plates to run the system. At this time we do not offer a trigger plate for your bike. You would have to modify one of the ones we offer.

    Thank you

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