Avenger, Terminator, HP & Dominator ECUs:
The ECU connectors are Tyco/AMP sealed 1.0 mm SuperSeal connectors.
http://www.te.com/content/dam/te-com...erseal-1-0.pdf (Product Catalog)
http://marketing.powerandsignal.com/...92eR00000176AD (Product Information)

ECU connector terminals: Tyco/AMP 3-1447221-4 (20/22 AWG), 3-1447221-3 (16/18 AWG)
White cavity plugs: Tyco/AMP 4-1437284-3. (TE Connectivity is Tyco Electronics)
High quality TXL wire note: http://www.eficonnection.com/eficonn...onQuality.aspx

Dominator ECU Connector Plug Kit:
Holley 558-408 P2A, P2B, P3, P4 Connector & Pin Kit:

Individual ECU Connector Plugs:
The P1A connector plug is Tyco 4-1437290-0. (Avenger, Terminator, HP, Dominator ECUs)
The P1B connector plug is Tyco 3-1437290-7. (Avenger, Terminator, HP, Dominator ECUs)
The P2A connector plug is Tyco 4-1437290-1. (Dominator ECU only)
The P2B connector plug is Tyco 1473416-1. (Dominator ECU only)
The P3 connector plug is Tyco 3-1437290-8. (Dominator ECU only)
The P4 connector plug is Tyco 1473416-2. (Dominator ECU only)
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Originally Posted by Danny Cabral
Dominator Auxiliary Harnesses: https://www.holley.com/products/fuel...efi/harnesses/

To connect up to 4 Inputs & 4 Outputs to the EFI Main Harness, use I/O Auxiliary Harness 558-400.
Eight Wire I/O Auxiliary Harness Connector Pin-Out (also in the Holley EFI Wiring Manual - LINK):
Pin A...A12...White/Blue (Input #1) F,5,2,T,H,G
Pin B...A3....White/Red (Input #2) F,5,2,T,H,G
Pin C...A13...White/Black (Input #3) F,5,G
Pin D...A4....White/Green (Input #4) F,5,G
Pin E...B12...Gray/Yellow (Output #1) H,P+
Pin F...B11...Gray/Red (Output #2) H,P+
Pin G...B10...Gray/Black (Output #3) G,P−
Pin H...B3....Gray/Green (Output #4) G,P−
http://documents.holley.com/199r10516.pdf (Holley 558-400 I/O Auxiliary Harness Instructions)

The 558-400 I/O Auxiliary Harness is 20 feet long.
It's "plug & play" into the main harness, and an easy way to connect common things like an electric cooling fan (LINK).
This I/O Auxiliary Harness isn't required for the optional oil & fuel pressure transducers, which are also "plug & play" into the main harness.
The oil & fuel pressure transducers are used for Data Monitoring, Data Logging and setup Outputs based on oil & fuel pressure.
• Installing, removing & relocating (pinning) the ECU connector terminals is easy. No special tools involved.
Push the single wide white tab to release the lock (on all terminals), and push the two narrow white tabs to re-secure.
Holley has the P2A, P2B, P3, P4 and other auxiliary harnesses available:
https://www.holley.com/products/fuel...efi/harnesses/ (Dominator ECU Auxiliary Harnesses - Check Mark "Auxiliary")

• The harness connectors are Delphi Metri-Pack 150 Series connectors.
Some of the sensor connectors are Delphi GT 150 Series (with the different colored "key index" insert).
http://delphi.com/manufacturers/cv/c...ck-connectors/ (Delphi Metri-Pack 150)
http://delphi.com/pdf/contact/brochures/DCS_GlobalCatalog.pdf (Delphi Global Connection Systems Catalog)

• I use the same tool for crimping Metri-Pack, Weather-Pack & SuperSeal terminals (ECU connectors).
This crimping tool is my favorite, is inexpensive, and works very well:
http://www.whiteproducts.com/tools.shtml (T-18 & T-13 Metri-Pack/Weather-Pack Terminal & Seal Crimper)
http://documents.holley.com/199r11022.pdf (Holley EFI 567-100 ECU Connector Terminal Crimper)

• If you're also working with Weather-Pack connectors, the terminal release tool is a necessity:
http://www.whiteproducts.com/removal_tools.shtml (T-3 Weather-Pack Terminal Release Tool)
https://www.holley.com/products/acce...s/parts/40011G (Mr. Gasket Terminal Release Tool Kit)

• If you don't have the actual Metri-Pack terminal release tool, a "safety pin" will work.
It just needs to be a stiff wire between .030"-.035" in diameter to release the terminal tab.
Then reopen (bend) the terminal tab before reinsertion, so it will clip (lock) into the cavity.
http://www.whiteproducts.com/removal_tools.shtml (T-6 Micro Terminal Pick Release Tool)

• I always use the 16/18 AWG (1.0-0.80 mm²) terminals for Metri-Pack 150 and Weather-Pack connectors.
If using the smaller diameter 20/22 AWG wire (0.50-0.35 mm²) in a 16/18 AWG terminal, simply strip off twice
the amount of insulation you normally would, and fold it in half into the larger terminals for proper size crimping.
http://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/aw...uge-d_731.html (AWG to mm² Wire Conversion Table)

• Not for ECU or other specialty terminals (Tyco, Amphenol, Deutsch, Metri-Pack, Weather-Pack, etc.), but I'll include it here:
For crimping conventional butt, spade & eyelet connectors, these are the best tools I've used: Insulated & Non-Insulated.
(Ideal Industries sold the same insulated terminal tool #30-425 as Snap-On PWC30. Currently discontinued, but may still be available.)

• For crimping large AWG cables (battery/main power), the Quick Cable Cub Crimper #4245 is an excellent tool.
Basically, the Quick Cable Cub Crimper continues (8 to 1/0 AWG), where convention hand crimpers stop (10 AWG).
FYI: When using the Cub Crimper on battery lugs, it works best using a "two crimp" method. First crimp with the next larger size die
than specified, then final crimp with the correct size die specified. The rotating dies are an integral part of the tool; easy to adjust.