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So anything external go to battery ground. Thanks.
EDIT: Oh, you said "external", so battery ground would be fine in that application.
Not necessarily. Read first paragraph again:

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Crank & Cam Sensor Wiring Tips:
The 10-pin Ignition Connector has one "Chassis Ground" (loose black wire ground) and two "IPU Grounds" (clean ECU ground). Don't use "Chassis Ground" to ground an ignition module (or crank & cam sensors). It's quick & easy to move the ignition module ground wire from (cavity) pin D "Chassis Ground" to pin C or G "IPU Ground", where it should be.

If you don't have the actual Metri-Pack terminal release tool, a "safety pin" will work.
It just needs to be a stiff wire between .030"-.035" in diameter to release the terminal tab.
Then reopen (bend) the terminal tab before reinsertion, so it will clip (lock) into the cavity.
http://www.whiteproducts.com/removal_tools.shtml (T-6 Micro Terminal Release Pick Tool)

Also, don't use (cavity) pin E "Switched +12V" from the 10-pin Ignition Connector, to power an ignition module (or crank & cam sensors), unless you've modified the wiring source to connect from pin B20 - EST 12V Output (P1B ECU Connector). This LINK explains why & how to do it.
http://documents.holley.com/techlibr...10555rev17.pdf (Holley EFI Wiring Manual, Sections 2.1 "Pin-Outs" & 13.0 "Wiring Appendix")