Danny, I'm chasing some wiring harness gremlins with the 558-117 universal CNP harness, and also getting conflicting info. I've been told that some of these harnesses are incorrectly pinned and that I probably have a "Chevy harness". But I'm running a SBF. The connections are all correct if you go by the white tape labels as far as each coil and the "odd/even" labels. Engine starts, but isn't running right and sounds like timing issue. It's popping and won't stay running. Cam & crank sensors sync and I get RPM signal while cranking. Crank sensor 50° BTDC, cam sync 195° (yes, on compression stroke), MAP looks right, all other sensors look good. This engine ran before with BS3 and nothing mechanically has been altered on the engine other than going to the cam sensor, CNP and Holley Dominator.

Have tried to verify the first 4 cylinders using timing light and injector harness disconnected. #1 is wrong right off the bat. Was given a matrix from someone at Holley, said my harness is most likely pinned incorrectly. So my question is, the "Ford/Chevy" thing gets confusing. So just to clarify here, as long as I'm able to make sure that the wires are pinned per this instruction below, then the harness will be correct and the firing order set in the software will be correct also? If I take my meter and test for simple continuity from each of the B pins and make sure they go to the correct coils, and are in the correct position on the connector going to to the ECU, we should be good, right?
The ECU triggered power (B21, B22, B23, B24, B15, B16, B17, B18) is individually wired to each coil. Holley's 8-cylinder CNP/COP uses all eight ECU triggers.
B21 is always cylinder #1, B15-cylinder #2, B22-cylinder #3, B16-cylinder #4, B23-cylinder #5, B17-cylinder #6, B24-cylinder #7, B18-cylinder #8.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.