The 3.5" LCD Touchscreen can only display your custom created I/O (I/O ICF) on the "I/O Monitors" (Monitors, IO Monitors), not in the "Dash Setup".
A V4 updated 3.5" LCD Touchscreen has the "I/O Monitors" to display the user's custom created I/O (Inputs/Outputs ICF - Holley EFI laptop software).
If you're on V4 EFI software/ECU firmware, the new "I/O Monitors" only display the first ten custom Inputs & Outputs. Not a problem for HP EFI users.
So if those Inputs are listed beyond #10, you'll have to reconfigure some Inputs (EFI software - I/O ICF) to view them on the 3.5" LCD Touchscreen.
I/O Monitors are a great feature. I reconfigured the numerical order of my Inputs/Outputs ICF, just so I could monitor the first ten I deemed most important.
The 3.5" TSLCD V4 Release Notes & Installation PDF document is attached to this post - LINK.
EDIT: The V4 update reference doesn't pertain to the Terminator X users because it has its own 3.5" TSLCD firmware version.