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    Julglenaut Guest


    My ICM is first connector tab positive (+) for every coil pack.

    For straters all the channles were wired up soldered tight (I step on Butts). and according to the instructions. But hey wait the wiring for the first positive lead tad was incorrect!!! A trigger wire is always a trigger right? So why it says to plug a termination for the trigger into the coil (-) from the harness is beyond me.

    I did each channel the same and according to the factory wire diagram using those GM interface modules, of course I used the corresponding trigger and coil (-) wires. I also did the test to see that the first of every coil connection on the base was positive.

    My problem is the third channel is not firing, so I move the channel 2 coil packs interface and all down to the last slot and put channel 3 in the middle. I get fire from the last 2 but still no fire on channel 3.

    I confirmed that the 4th channel was grounded as it is soldered into the ground termination for the controller and made sure the harness's crappy bananna plugs were on good, they will be hard wired soon enough like when I get sick of looking at them - . I am sorry I just don't like the obsolete stone age connections is all.

    After all this is straightened out I am going to claulk/shoegoo the controller like a boat and it will be able to float no kidding lol, including all the wire/snugs and around the seals to double sure it is watertight.

    The only thing I could think of that I possible did was that soldering the channel 3 trigger wire(from the coil interface 3rd lead) to the coil (-) harness wire like the instructions say to do and or possibly wired the 12V switched and the coil + backwards on that channel.

    I am not getting any spark at that coil I tried the 3 ways to troble shoot. I get fire in 1,4 3,6 the first 2 channles...

    I have not done any continuity testing on the leads from the interface module yet, but will tomorrow.

    I sure hope I didn't blow my ICM it is new.

    One more thing MSD should make the interface modules easier to plug into the ICM base. For example, make the interface back connections like that of a coil pack connection that would equal no fuss connection making

    When I installed the ICM with coil packs I had to put rubber bands around the coil assemblies to hold them on so I wouln't lose the connection on the tabs. Of course this is on a bottom mount ICM, but still better interface connectors would be nice.

    I am not going to rip all that stuff out again just to get the ICM out again. tommorrow I will run the continuity test on the leads in relation to ground for 12V and in relation to the harness connection and hopfully find the mistake if there is one then cut, strip, correct and solder on that channel.

    If there is any advice on this problem it is welcome, mabey this came up before I don't know.

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    Julglenaut Guest


    Continuity testing confirms 3rd channel is wired correctly.

    12V switch is working as expected.

    Coil (+) working normal 10V or so in ignition on position

    Trigger continuity normal, unknown to me if it is actually triggering the interface.

    Put a coil in place of the 3rd channel and guess what...It fires so it has to be that interface module is bad out of the box.

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    msdtech2 Guest


    There is one test that can be done on that channel, what you will need to do is remove the spark plug wires from that coil and place them close to a ground so you can see a spark at the plug wires. Then turn the key to the "ON" position, remove the trigger wire, which would be the solid yellow wire that is if this is your 3 channel. Then touch it to ground and every time you touch and release, there should be a spark from the plug wires to ground. What you are testing is the coil and the MSD Unit. One this is to make sure that there is voltage present to the MSD Unit when doing this test. If you find out that it is a bad unit send it in for repair.

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    Julglenaut Guest


    Basically I am dumb to follow factory wiring diagrams...or any diagrams for that matter.

    Gosh I am a Eletronic technition I should have tested the leads of the new ICM any way before prewiring daa!!

    I tested the original ICM before removal and it did concure to that of the factory wiring specs.

    It now runs very good. Noticable difference both behind the wheel and on the dyno.

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    msdtech13 Guest



    Good to know, glad you found the problem, thanks for the info.

    Msdtech 13

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