Guys, I need some assistance. I'm running the Avenger & Digital Dash in a 1966 Ford Bronco U-14. I've upgraded the firmware of the ECU and the Digital Dash to V5. I'm using a PC with Windows 10 installed. When I connect a mini to USB directly in to the back of the ECU and into my laptop, I'm able to communicate with and tune my Avenger EFI. The way I've wired the vehicle, I have a few USB ports that are mounted on the transmission tunnel. The problem arises when I come out of the ECU with a mini to USB female. From there, I have a 6' data transfer cable from Insignia with software loaded on to the cable for ease of opening files. When I plug in the USB cable into the laptop, the laptop chimes showing that it recognizes a component being plugged in to it. When I fire up the software I select my tune and then power up the dash. The software does not see the ECU and stays offline.

When I look in the Device Manager, I check out the list of items under USB Controllers with the cable in & out. The item that is created when the cable is plugged in shows up as a USB Mass Storage Device. I get an item that pops up that ask what I want to do every time this F Drive is opened. The laptop is seeing something that's being attached, but it does not know that it's the Holley ECU.

Can you guys give me some suggestions as to what I'm dealing with? I've got the tune in the vehicle that I want. The issue is being able to connect my laptop with the ECU very easily without having to dig into under the dash every time. I could go out and buy the mini to USB from Summit for $50, but would like to find out why the cable and the adapter that I have in place are not working. Thanks for any assistance you guys can offer.