Ford 331 stroker, Edelbrock Air-Gap, RPM Performer 195 heads, 10.5 compression, .560" lift, 9 in of vacuum with a 3.5 PV, 14° initial, 35° total timing, no vacuum advance, 5 speed, Fox body, not sure on the gear ratio. AEM AFR gauge, and last but not least my worst nightmare, a 770 street avenger vacuum secondary. I know its to big of carb for the cubes, and I probably should have a 650 mechanical, but, I ended up with this one and have it dialed in except for the one critical spot where the car wants to cruise down the road.

Symptom: Cruising speed lean condition, like no fuel lean. And no, it's not the accelerator pump or nozzle size issue. The transfer port is not delivering enough fuel for cruising speed.

I can tune the secondary once I get the primary circuit figured out. I have the primary set right with the transfer port showing as a square beneath the throttle plates, idle speed is set with adjusting the secondary open to provide more air. I can dial in the idle circuit with the with the idle mixture screws perfectly. Accelerator pump is standard size with a pink cam, 32 nozzle, works great. The problem lies with the transfer circuit, just before the main boosters start. I'm running 69 jets in the primary, which is right where it needs to be in the mid range, 13.5 to 14 AFR. However, in 5th gear running on the main circuit I would be doing 100 MPH or so down the road. I've read hours of posts about the street avenger carbs have metering blocks that are lean and this makes sense. I've tried every trick in the book and then some to try to tune around this lean condition. I either need to drill out the metering block, tap in some air bleeds, or get a new metering block from Quick Fuel, which is the fix apparently? I'm posting this on here hoping that someone can help me determine which metering block I need or how I can drill out my existing one? I need to get more fuel to the transfer slot. Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.