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Thread: Carb is a Holley replacement for Ford/Motorcraft 2100 OE.

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    Default Carb is a Holley replacement for Ford/Motorcraft 2100 OE.

    Hello all, new here, did do an introduction. Some questions. I have a Holley 2300, list #7707, it is a replacement for Ford/Motorcraft 2100 on 1973-4 360,390 engines. I have searched and because it is a replacement carb you don't find that list number on Holley charts. I have this carb on a 1968 Ford F-350, 360/5.9L engine. This carb was on the truck when we got it years ago. The first question, I want to find the correct replacement metering block for this carb. There are numbers stamped which mean nothing to me. In the hollow around the vacuum advance tube on passenger side of the metering block is a cast # 34R-5713b. The other question(s) pertains to the performance problem I have. Lets see if you all might be able to help with the first question. Thanks for your time, Cap.

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    Cap, I would give Holley tech support a call. Andrew

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    Thanks Andrew. I think last Sunday or so I sent them questions on their tech line with what I've said here and detailed description (which they ask for) of the performance problem. When I hit submit or send it went somewhere, but who knows where. Site says response time of couple of days. If no response by tomorrow night, Friday, I'll try again. I don't see any form of acknowledgement of them getting it. I'd rather do online than phone if I can. Cap

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    Hi all again. Did receive reply from Holley tech line. He was not able to help, as he also had no access info on list #7707 carb. Suggested I call the tech line as Andrew had suggested. He also gave me the number of Daytona Carbs. Said give them a try.
    Before I contact either, could someone brief me on what is under the 4 brass plugs on the metering block? Anything removable that may have small orifices that could be blocked by a hard residue? Is removal by drilling holes and putting in sheet metal screws to pull the plugs? I'm thinking that the wells/chambers may not filling with fuel and giving me a starvation until the power valve starts supplying. Thanks, Cap.

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