I have an Avenger with HP ECU on a Ford 347 with a C4. I'm up to date on all software & firmware, and received my 3.5" TSLCD last week, and I'm good to go in that regard, I believe. I cleared the ECU of the 500 datalogs that PO had driven to free up my ability to datalog as it was locking up when I tried to initiate through the handheld. The issue I have is that it runs great then it just hiccups and my tach & speedometer on my dash die & reset. Then simultaneously on the TSLCD, CL Comp pegs 100, AFR goes to 40, then my RPM is showing half on the TSLCD of what I'm actually at. The TSLCD then sometimes does a complete restart and and I have a locked screen that says REV 3.5 at top, and does SD card have FW. The monitor screen may come back if I go to idle then RPM and everything resets, and I'm good to go until it happens again. This issue can happen when bouncing into gear, or if I hit a bump or just cruising. I'm leaning to a possible ground or sensor issue. I have been reading all I can on here, and just starting with the datalogging. Thanks for your time.