I had several things going on with this no start. The dual sync distributor I bought in May was bad. They sent me a new one, the new model, and it fixed the no spark problem immediately. So the car started, but ran horribly. I found a vacuum leak from using a regular Holley 1050 type gasket between the plate and the throttle body. It left a very tiny gap because it didn't go back far enough. I have a spacer so I had to use multiple gaskets. Didn't think about the gasket not fitting. They definitely make one from this throttle body, and I had used one under the metal plate and one on the spacer. Once I swapped it all around no vacuum leak, but there was still a problem. The TPS would always show 15% with my foot off the gas. The Holley tech noticed the TPS was bouncing around all over the place, so he sent me a new one of those and it fixed the problem immediately.

One thing I did notice is that the TPS from the factory was set so the electrical connector pointed straight up. That put the screws right about in the middle of the slots. I moved it to the end of the slots so the top tilted towards the front of the car. The first TPS reset I did and it was perfect. So either it was bad or it needed to be moved into the position I put it in when I swapped it out. So we're just about ready to do some road testing after a little clean up work on the interior, and do a few other electrical odds and ends to tighten it back up.