.040" over 327.
Forged flat tops.
Forged rods & crank.
Pocket ported double hump 2.02/1.6 valves.
60 CC, .038" quench, 10.25:1 Compression
Comp 280H cam, roller rockers, guide plate, chromoly push rods.
L79 Winters dual plane.
Holley 1850 600 CFM vacuum secondary.
1 5/8" full length headers.
2.5" exhaust with H-pipe.
Pertronix distributor.
Muncie M21.
3.73:1 Posi.
25" rear tire.

Car is a '66 Nova L79 clone. Car runs and drives well. Has 9.5in vacuum at 750 RPM. Has the eye burner smell! LOL! I have adjusted idle mixture screws. They do stall the engine if turned in. How many inches of vacuum should they vary by when adjusted?

I run 14° initial, 36° total, and have a B28 Vacuum can that all in at idle but limited to 10°. I get too much cruise advance if I don't limit the vacuum advance. Car does some trailer hitching. Car runs a 3.5 Power Valve.

I have read the 1850 isn't a great carb for combos with low idle vacuum. Any suggestions on how to get rid of the eye burning or just a better carb for the application. Thanks in advance.