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Thread: 4160 idles fine, runs at speed fine. Throttle stalls from stop.

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    Default 4160 idles fine, runs at speed fine. Throttle stalls from stop.

    I have a 4160 on a GM Performance 350 HO engine. It has a stall from stop problem I canít tune away. It runs fine once I get moving. Idles fine. Roars at speed 60 MPH+. If Iím at a stop or coast slow at idle the engine sputters, drops or dies when I touch the throttle. The slightest tap kills it. I have to let it sputter a couple seconds, find itself again and then lightly feather the throttle until RPM comes up steady, then I can go and itís solid.

    Itís freshly rebuilt with a Holley kit. I did the same thing before & after rebuilt. The 4160 has a 20-112 throttle cable bracket and new throttle cable. New throttle return springs. Dropouts happened before and after new bracket, cable & springs. Fuel pump (mechanical) puts out ~6 psi and good volume. Idles warm around 650 RPM. Timing is on. No knocks or pings. Solid at speed.

    This dropout when starting from stop or accelerating from idle is driving me nuts. The slightest tap kills or nearly stalls the engine. If I donít kill it, give it a second and then feather the throttle it makes it through the sputter and accelerates like a champ. Any ideas? Many thanks!!!

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    I tinkered with it all day. I found a questionable accelerator pump baffle, which I replaced. I also found the #31 jet ports were fouled with oxidation or crystallized old fuel. I cleaned out the jets with a needle. It got a little better, but there's still weirdness at the bottom of the throttle. I have an orange cam and moved it from position #2 to position #1. At speed it's great. From a stop, it's as temperamental as a five year old with no sleep and too much sugar.

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    Turn your idle mixture screws out a little to enrich the idle a little to see if it helps it over the hump.

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