Hope this is the right place - "installation" etc.
I have a car with an Offy dual-quad intake. The intake currently has a pair of Edelbrock 1406 carbs which are a good ten years old, worn, and I'm not a fan, to be blunt.
I also believe the 1200 or so CFM is a bit much for my engine (a bored AMC 360, about 37? cubes now, with 280H cam, headers).
I was looking for something of newer design, a bit less total CFM and better than what's on the car now.
My question is related to spacing and mounting on the Offy dual-quad intake.
The Edelbrocks sit with the air filter studs at 8" apart. So front mounting stud of the rear carb to the front mounting stud of the front carb is 8"
The distance (center to center) of the front mounting studs of the rear carb to the rear mounting studs of the front carb is 2.375"
This is with the adapters on the intake for the Edelbrock bolt pattern and spacing. I haven't measured the pattern so can't say how it compares to the QF Slayer tunnel ram pair I am looking at on this page:

Bottom line, with that pair fit my intake without tricks such as mounting them sideways or mounting one forward and the other backward facing and so on?
Will they fit, both facing forward, on my intake with that spacing, and do I need different carburetor adapters for the intake or will these bolt right on where the Edelbrocks are now?

Car is a '73 Javelin, AMC 360 bored, 280H Comp cam, Hooker coated headers, also requires linkage for throttle valve since it's a MOPAR 272 transmission.
I made the throttle linkage myself so can likely fabricate what's needed there IF these would fit. Thanks.