I'm having trouble with a Holley TBI part #502-9. I have finished a V8 S10 for a friend and can't get it to start. It's a 94 S10 with the 5.7 TBI engine. I had him get Holley TBI part #502-9, so that more air would accommodate the rebuilt engine. It won't start unless I pour gas or spray starter fluid in the throttle body, and it runs good for a few seconds. I've tested the injectors and all 4 wires have good voltage to them. I installed a new K&N fuel filter to allow fuel to flow more freely. I cleaned out the fuel tank completely before refilling it with Shell V Power premium fuel. The Aeromotive fuel pump works and has good pressure, but the injectors aren't spraying. Both fuel lines are hooked up the the correct fittings as well. I had called Holley technical service and got some weird recommendations. I'm stumped and really need help on this please.