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Thread: Let me help you with Injector End Angle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by allan5oh View Post
    Here's two files. The IEA one is just IEA tuning. The spark is the IEA plus what I think you should run for spark in the idle area. To run that low you'll need to open your throttle body a lot. It's worth it, trust me. Try it out.
    Thanks for the effort you put in to this. Should I zero out the original IEA table? It still has all my original numbers.

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    Yes, you should.

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    Got the car running like a champ again using my old IEA table and then dropped in the new IEA table. Engine feels more refined below 3000 RPM with the new IEA tables. Smoother running and more peppy. The difference is quite noticeable!

    Idle isn't as strong as it used to be though. My engine really likes fuel on back of valve at idle (-180°) and that isn't happening any more. Also, what the engine wants & needs have changed, so now the engine hangs a few seconds where the IAC ramp down begins. I'll need to fiddle with something to stop that from happening. But I'm guessing those things are fairly easily sorted. Not a bad trade-off for how smooth the engine runs now below 3000 RPM!
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    I have a Mamofied LS7 on the engine stand and I'd really like to build a tune from the ground up using your IEA strategy. Are you up for making another IEA table for me? I can give you whatever physical details you want to know.

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    Yes, same thing applies. Cam specs, injector specs, base pressure, RPM range.
    I do find that tunes sometimes need to be leaned out a bit. Also don't be afraid of changing the numbers.

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    Do you make any assumptions for time that it takes fuel to reach cylinder?

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