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Thread: Target AFR Table

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    Don't forget to datalog, and post the new Global File (to see what Learn is doing) that corresponds to the datalog.

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    Got to say I was a little nervous! Loaded the file and away we go. Instant difference at idle! Totally different car! With the nervousness gone out of the driveway the car responded immediately and I'm amazed to say it lightly!
    It's amazing to me of you guys willingness to help a total stranger! This IEA change is a night & day difference! Allen, if your ever in Bowling Green, KY look me up because I OWE YOU!
    Below are the Global File and the datalogs. The first datalog is light cruising only and the second file is a cruise with a boost pull, and I'm pretty sure I went on the rev limiter in boost.

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    What an improvement! I looked at your Global File and noticed a few things that you can change. I will let you do them:
    - 11.6 AFR seems awful rich at the top of your Target A/F Ratio table.
    - Your fuel map is overall a bit rich which is fine as learn will take care of that, try to hit all areas of the learn table whenever possible.
    - Increase the load on your engine by using your left foot on the brake to slow down the acceleration to let Learn work kind of like how a dyno loads up the engine.
    - Best way to tune the high RPM low vac areas is gain as much road speed as possible (on a non public road) and coast, downhill works too.
    - Your idle area is very lean, and you have learn inhibited below 1200 rpm. (EFI > Closed Loop > Learn parameters > uncheck "Enable RPM To Enter Learn"). After Learning the idle area, you can inhibit it again. This will help with cold starts especially instead of relying on closed loop at every start.
    - I would cut fuel & spark, not just spark, for your rev limiter.
    - Your Air Temp Enrichment still isn't right (Fuel > Fuel modifiers > Air Temp Enrichment) 113 in the far left cell and 87 in the far right one works well, smoothing in between (drag all the cells > right click > interpolate). It should be a straight slope.

    The way I personally smooth a fuel map is as follows:
    Step 1: Go to Learn Table > Transfer Learn To Base > Say NO to smoothing (this is another thing Holley really screwed up on).

    Step 2: Go to fuel map and select a grid area you want to smooth (5x5, 6x6 or so), graph it, convert it to VE mode then start smoothing using Ctrl + arrow (up & down do little left and right do lots).

    Step 3: Don't forget to send to ECU.

    Keep doing step 2 until the base fuel map looks good in VE mode. I don't bother with fuel flow mode.

    Note: Yes, it did look like you hit the rev limiter momentarily at 47 seconds. This is what a "false lean" looks like. This is caused by either a too rich of a condition, or an ignition issue like say a rev limiter, LOL.

    How long have you had this car together? How long have you been tuning the Holley EFI?

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    Thank you so much for taking the time to help!
    I will work in each item and report back. And will learn myself as I go.
    Car has been together completely only a coupe months now.
    To answer your questions.
    Car project was a two year process.
    Installed the Holley myself over the winter. Countless hours reading!
    Car was started two months ago. So this is where I was able to get. This is my first time with any type of EFI system.
    I’m amazed of the improvement you made in this car! And look forward to working with you.
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    I expected improvement, but not that much. You would've never been able to tune around it. After doing the above changes, try to hit as many cells in the Learn Tables as possible. I don't think your AE is that far off and base fuel is first anyways.
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    OK. Will work on these and report back.

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    I'm actually a truck driver and may find myself in Bowling Green. You can pay me back by giving me a ride in that beast.

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    And dinner! Anytime!

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    I’m curious. When someone helps me I try to learn before, during & afterwards.
    So I plug my camshaft specs in the IEA edit area and recalculate and the map populated.
    In reviewing this map verses the current IEA map installed in the car they seem reversed.
    Higher numbers lower rpm and lower numbers higher RPM.
    Seems the maps are very close just reversed? My cam card is posted.

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    Previously I posted a link that explains why the Holley calculator is completely flawed.

    In doing your map, I did the S2H method of clearing out the fuel table. Plus I did the '81 Trans Am method of starting the injection of the fuel right when the exhaust valve closes, but only when the injection event can be squeezed in before the intake valve closes. After that window becomes full, the S2H method takes over.

    I've combined those two with using IPW as the Y axis instead of MAP which doesn't account for any fuel modifiers including AE. Generally guys like -150° in the idle and off idle area, and -70° to 0° or even a wee bit positive (depends on many factors) at WOT. You can play with these numbers. If you have NO gas smell I suggest leaving the numbers in the idle area alone.
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