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Thread: Target AFR Table

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    I apologize. I will load my Global File with a datalog from today. Thank you for your patience. Thank you guys.

    I transferred the Learn Table on the file below. The Base Fuel Table seems to be somewhat inline. My next datalog, I will not transfer and post.

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    Fuel pressure looks decent, might be lagging at the higher boost a wee bit. Might need more AE fuel, but I would wait until you get a run with the new IEA values. You will probably find you don't need as much fuel, and the Learn Table is full of negative values. This is good.

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    Is it just me or is the IEA in this datalog 0°. I opened it with V5 and still got 0°.

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    I haven’t adjusted the IEA in the tune, so I assume it's 0°.
    This is new to me and I’m reading as much as possible to learn.
    The current tune is a shot in the dark to be honest.
    Off idle through 2300 RPM the car is not smooth by far.
    I’m seeing a lean spike off idle and looks to be the base map numbers are low creating this?

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    It's IEA causing that. The EFI is injecting fuel so late, that it's injecting for the next combustion event instead of the current one. It's a full cycle behind. At low RPM it's made worse by the fuel condensing around the port.

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    This makes sense! It seems no matter how lean I run the car, the plugs will not cleanup completely.
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    What do you think happens when the first injection event the throttle is open, and the second one the throttle is closed? Not good things! Have you driven it with the IEA tables?

    I used the tables from a 427 CI SBF, the intake (EXHAUST, not intake) closes at 9° ATDC as opposed to your 7° ATDC, it should be just fine.
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    No, I have not driven with the IEA file. I was waiting on you to send a new IEA file I thought? I can import the first IEA map you sent to the Global in the car and take it for a ride?
    Also, you mentioned dwell time on the coils. Will cruising dwell of 3.7 be OK, and then step up to 4.5 in the boost area of the map? Both of these changes or one at a time?

    Am I reading my cam card wrong? Intake valve closes 56° ABDC?
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    Sorry EXHAUST, good Lord, I'm having a hell of a weekend. You can run that file you posted. I see it has the Advanced Tables.

    I would do research on the dwell, it depends highly on what coils you're running.
    EDIT: LEAVE THE DWELL for now. Until you get the plug issue cleared up.
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    OK. I’ll load the file and take a ride! Thanks for your help!
    I’ll leave the dwell alone for now to only change one thing at a time.

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