Hello All. I recently rebuilt a 3310-C for my '69 351W. I've been struggling to get WOT tuned properly and to get the vacuum secondaries to open all the way, but part throttle and off-idle driveability is great. I started out around a .025 accelerator pump nozzle and slowly worked my way up to a .045 nozzle and it still is lean when going WOT from a stop. I've messed with the pump cams a little bit but not a whole lot. The engine is pretty tame so not sure why it's wanting so much fuel out of the hole. The car previously had a 600 cfm with vacuum secondaries on it and it did the same thing except for I never messed with the accelerator pump tuning.

Neither carb would open the vacuum secondaries all the way either. I put a zip tie on the secondary vacuum rod and it only opens up about a 1/3 of the way. I put the quick swap spring housing on it and have the lightest spring in it. Last week I pulled the intake off thinking it might have a leak somewhere, but it's acting the same exact way with a freshly sealed intake manifold. Anyone have any ideas?