For two years, I've tweaked & adjusted my starting parameters without ever getting the results I was after. It's always ran great, but I've never been happy with the starts, since going with the dual sync distributor. I noticed recently I was getting a little oil smoke under load at 3/4 throttle. I was told it was likely the PCV and oil was getting pulled into the intake. Since this rig is 95% off-road and trailered almost everywhere, I decided to remove the PCV and put a breather in each valve cover. I got the surprise of my starting problems being gone immediately, it spins over and fires right up. Before it would spin over a few times and almost act like the timing was high, kinda slow crank, and then spin and start, sometimes it may go through that sequence 2 or 3 times before starting. Can't believe that's been my issue the entire time. Ford 395 (351W) running Terminator EFI. I think now I can do some tweaking and get it dialed in even better. Thought I would share in case that helps someone else.