I can't seem to get any answer on how reliable the 177 series of supercharger is? Does anyone have one they run regularly?

My Email: I'm looking to find out about the longevity and dependability of the 177 superchargers. I have run a few different types in the past, both cog and V-belt, but never a serpentine style belt. Are they more dependable? Do they blow belts? I want to DRIVE this car, take it to the drags a couple times a year. Take it to some shows, take it on poker runs, and once in a while, drive it to Maine from Iowa to see family and friends. I'm going to retain the A/C and power steering. It is not a daily driver, but once in a while it will be driven daily. Will these blowers put up with that type of use? Thanks! Scott

The reply I got: Hi Scott, with Proper care our blowers will be very dependable. the reason for the serpentine is so in the event of over boost, backfire, ETC. the belt can be allowed to slip and effectively unload blower components.

Okay, I understand there is no blow off plate so the belt makes sense, but the primary question remained unanswered, and the secondary question remained unanswered:
1. Will the blower put up with that type of use? What is the proper care? How many miles can I expect it to handle before I need to return it for service/repair, etc? ELABORATE please?
2. Do they blow belts?

Cogs tend to blow occasionally. The V-belts were quite dependable. If the serpentine belts are designed to slip, does that make them less reliable? Am I going to be standing on the side of the interstate putting a new belt on?

I got no reply, no elaboration, so I'm thinking that Holley/Weiand isn't interested in selling me a blower. On the off chance I buy one anyhow, I'm more concerned about their service. If I need help, will I be ignored?

What are YOUR experiences? Should I run away to someone else? I LIKE the style, the size, everything about the 177, but don't like how well I'm getting treated at this point. Thanks!