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Thread: Progressive Linkage makes Sniper EFI WAAAY Better

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    Quote Originally Posted by Danny Cabral View Post
    (Aussie408, please don't type your posts like you're texting. It takes me a long time to edit it. At least use Spell Check before posting.)
    Sorry about that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Zmann View Post
    What is your actual AFR at idle with the linkage enabled?
    It's showing 13.7-15.2, but it was flooding the front venturis and black clouds out the exhaust. When I disabled the setting it went back to normal.
    Just search Holley 25-54. I also just did this to my Sniper, but I had problems when I did the setup as described, so I disabled it and it runs fine.

    3. ECU Configuration
    The easiest way to proceed with configuration is using the Sniper EFI System handheld.
    Note that this requires handheld firmware 1.1.7 and ECU firmware 1.0.9 (or higher.) Most
    systems shipped after March 2018 have the appropriate firmware on both the handheld
    and ECU. If you are not sure what you have, or if you need to upgrade, we’ve got great
    instructions here:
    To complete the ECU configuration, use the handheld LCD display and navigate to Tuning >
    System > Sniper Setup and set the following parameters:
    Progressive TBI Linkage: Enabled
    Primary/Secondary TPS Switch: TPS percent identified in step 2, above.
    At this point you are ready to enjoy the new, more manageable response of your
    progressive Sniper EFI System throttle body linkage.

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    Just search Holley 25-54.
    I assume you're referring to the 20-54? I have the progressive linkage as do others, and you're the first I've seen with the fuel dumping issue. Also, funny that your AFR isn't showing the overfueling. I'd suggest you verify that the linkage isn't installed incorrectly, but then again, I wouldn't think that would go away with a simple return to non-progressive linkage parameters on the handheld.
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    Does anyone have instructions for installing the 20-54? Doesn't seem to come with any, and I hate to "guess" on something as important as throttle linkage!

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    Click on the LINK (& PDF instructions) in the first post.
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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    Now that you've taught me how to scroll on a webpage, I see there's an adjustable option as well. I just ordered the fixed version, will I be sad or is it setup reasonably well as a default?

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    I ordered the adjustable, but in reality I set it to the fixed length and will likely never mess with it again (it's finicky with the tiny washers & cotter pins). I think the fixed will suit you fine.

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    Does the progressive linkage do anything to minimize the "whistle"?

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    Since they were out of stock, I ordered an adjustable Holley one off eBay. Put it in and had it set at 44%. Took her out for a test drive and it ran like crap. Big flat spot between about 25% & 44%. She spits & sputters and backfires out the exhaust. AFR goes lean. It ran perfect before installing the linkage. I'm going to try and adjust it to 30%, and go from there; working my way down to 20% until I can get it to work, or take it out completely. Wondering if it was a waste of money. Engine is a mildly built 350, 375 HP, 425 TQ.
    UPDATE: (Incorrectly Installed)
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    Mine did the same when I enabled the handset Progressive TBI Linkage: Enabled set to 41%, flooded the front two. Once I disabled it, it ran fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 351C Sniper View Post
    Does the progressive linkage do anything to minimize the "whistle"?
    I don't have the whistle, so the before & after linkage I can't comment to. But I don't see how this would fix the whistle issue since that's coming from a different area and not the secondaries.
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