Hi guys. So I've been struggling with my Holley 2300 for months now. I have a near perfect A/F ratio from idle to redline (5500 RPM) that I achieved through extensive tuning 14 AFR at part throttle and 12 AFR at full throttle generally. The problem is when I'm just cruising, especially down a hill and the throttle is open just above idle it goes full lean 16 AFR & beyond. I have changed every jet, air corrector and power valve to just about ever size imaginable. After becoming frustrated, I drilled the idle jets to use emulsion jets instead and tried many combos. I've have drilled the air correctors and used Quick Fuel replaceable ones and tried every size. I even tried the Percy's adjust a jet with every combo. I swapped to an electric FP and have a regulator and gauge showing 5 psi at all times (Holley techs told me this was the issue). Nothing has solved my issue. I have even retuned the carb to hold an AFR of 10 at all times in all circuits to try to see what change would affect that scenario to no avail. I've cleaned and rebuilt the carb with all Holley gaskets many times. Please help me before I run out of hair on my head to pull out.