New to forum. I wasn't sure where to put this issue. So anyway, I have a Holley classic 600 4BBL vacuum secondaries. I was having issues with it falling flat when I hit the gas, so I tried this cam & that cam, tried a bigger squirter & smaller squirter. Well finally got it halfway decent, it still falls on its face, but not as bad. I go out this morning take the carb off to give it a good cleaning, and now when I start it, if I so much as cough on my gas pedal, the car starts to idle higher & higher it don't stop either. It's basically acting wide open, so I started it and had a look while it was running, all looked normal. I took off my air cleaner looked down inside, and opened the throttle some. I then let go of this thing, just took off yet no plates stayed open, and the throttle cable returned? What the heck is this? I'm new to carbs also.