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Thread: Sniper EFI & electronically controlled transmissions.

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    From my experience, that won't work. I did basically the same thing, except splice into the harness. This is what I used:
    Does your transmission controller have a 5V reference out & ground? The MSD Atomic I used did. I hooked those wires up directly to the TCI TPS sensor.

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    Thanks. I'm using the Baumann controller for the 4R70W. The harness has VREF, ground & TPS wire plugged into the TPS sensor it's using now. That's attached to my Holley carb. I'm a total wiring newbie, so I'm reading about all this stuff before I dive in. I'm just seeing these issues with the same setup I have and I'm trying to get a good understanding of parts needed. Where does the Sniper get its TPS info if the transmission controller is using the wire from your suggested part?

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    The Sniper uses its own TPS. This adds another TPS that is controlled by a cable. One end of the cable has a TPS sensor on it. The other end of the cable is a regular kickdown cable, like what would be on a TH350 or 700R4. You hook that side to the throttle arm of the Sniper. When you open the throttle, it pulls the cable which moves the TPS sensor connected to the other end.

    It's just a GM kickdown cable that has been cut on one end and the TPS sensor added:
    Attachment 3163 Attachment 3164

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    Has anyone made this work cleanly? US Shift sells four different TPS kits. TCI has one. Others may as well. Has anyone found a TPS kit that is compatible with the Sniper without major modifications?

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    I know a guy who tried the Y-link pigtail adapter and the US Shift Quick 4 controller and he had a few weird problems. I went with the US Shift separate TPS kit and no problems .
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    You have to add an additional TPS sensor, the TCI setup used to control the MSD Atomic TCM works great.

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    At this point, I'd just go for one of the more expensive Holley offerings with an integrated transmission controller straight away. A Quick Shift 4 + TPS is another $750, so the difference in price is less than $1000.

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    Not seeing a clear answer here & is an important issue to be resolved. An issue for me, as Holley has informed me there's no tech support in Australia I can call, so something like this will cause me problems. I will be installing an electronic transmission (a 4 speed BTR Transmission installed in Australian Fords) & will face this issue with my 1965 289W Mustang. It says in the Sniper Manual on Page 18, General Wiring - Do's & Don'ts, Dot Point 5: "It is never recommended to splice/share signal wires (such as TPS, etc.) between different electronic control units (i.e. “piggyback”)". This being the case, how is this done when the electronic transmission also requires a TPS signal? I have a programmable controller similar to the US Shifts that requires the TPS. Where can a remote TPS be located & connected to the Sniper unit? What does Holley recommend for Fords & how to go about this? Surely this issue must have been seen previously & a fix found. Assistance will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Darren

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    I agree with Dr_Grip, the Sniper EFI isn't suited for every application.
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    Thanks Danny. So are you saying is that the Sniper EFI cannot be fitted with a remote TPS? If this is the case then I have a bit of a problem.

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