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    I built a COPO roller a couple of years ago, and we take it to the track from time to time. It's a LS7 crate engine with the Holley HP EFI, 90mm throttle body and a Powerglide. It's had the same problem since we first ran the car. After it gets hot, the car has a bad miss. When I say bad miss, I mean bad! It runs great pass after pass. We hot lap it quite a bit. Once it starts acting up, you can let it cool all the way down and it will be fine for 2 or 3 passes and then it starts again. I ran a System Log and got it to act up a while back and it basically looks like it loses the cam & crank trigger for milliseconds at a time. I changed the cam trigger, changed the crank trigger, and the last time it was acting up, I changed the ECU. Nothing has fixed the problem. I have double checked my power wire to the ECU, it runs all the way to the rear of the car and is directly connected to the battery. I ran a ground from the battery to the engine block and from block to head and head to head. Tested it today and it still does the same thing. Now I'm wondering if it's a coil. It literally sounds like it's on a rev limiter, but it's not. Any suggestions?

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    Crank sensor? Did you check the distance between the sensor and the trigger wheel? Post the datalogs and your Global File. Whenever someone says, "it acts up hot and runs perfect when it cools", I first think of fuel a delivery problem. Cooking the fuel and boiling the fuel in the lines. An electric pump doesn't like to pump air. Happens more often with external pump.

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    It's a factory crank sensor that mounts in the block, behind the starter. I thought about fuel too, but we have two more cars that are all built exactly the same way and those cars run & run & run all day with no issues. Just this one car. I'm going to check the amp draw on the fuel pump today. The pump is mounted in the top of the fuel cell in the trunk. Aeromotive 18011, just like all the factory COPO cars come. I'm still looking at datalogs.

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