I'm getting close to finalizing my Small Block Ford (363" stroker) with single turbo and I'm looking at using a Holley Dominator ECU for this. I would like to run this with COP ignition, but need help on which components are needed to put this all together.

From what I can tell I need the following, can someone help/confirm:
Holley Dominator EFI ECU 554-114
Main Power harness 558-308
Main Wiring harness 558-104
Ford Evenly spaced Injector harness (EV1) 558-213
Main Wiring harness 558-307
Holley Coil-Near-Plug Smart Coil Kit 556-127
HP Smart Coil Ignition Harness 558-312
3.5" LCD Touchscreen hand-held 553-108
Holley NTK Wideband O2 sensor 554-100
Holley MAP Sensor 2 Bar 538-13
Holley Coolant Temp Sensor 534-10
Holley GM Style TPS Sensor 543-111
Sealed 15' USB Cable 558-438
Multi MAP Selector 558-407
ECU Pin Crimp Tool 567-100

The other question I have is what about the distributor? If I go with a COP/CNP setup I wouldn't think I need a real distributor, but do need something to drive the oil pump.

If it matters I have the following MSD ignition components I was originally intending to utilize, but I'm not 100% set on using these:
MSD Pro-Billet Distributor for late model Ford (steel gear) MSD Part# 8456
MSD Small Block Ford EFI crank trigger kit MSD Part# 8640
MSD Digital 6 Ignition Module MSD Part# 6520
MSD 8.5mm Super Conductor wires MSD Part# 31323
MSD Street Blaster Ignition coil MSD Part# 8253