Hi everybody. I have a bored over 302 with Edelbrock Performer heads & cam. I can post the specs if it's relevant, but not sure that it is.
After getting some miles in on the current tune, I took a close look at a datalog recorded at 70 MPH. I've noticed some fluctuations in AFR an fuel flow. Is there a nominal range that's typical? I'm only achieving 13.5 MPG now and would like to lean out the Target AFR table, but I'm concerned about going too lean. My concern is how conservative I need to be, so I don't set a value that might put the fuel flow in a hazardous range. I'm still using the clamp on WBO2 bung supplied with the kit but have just ordered a weld in longer reach bung. I will also replace the header collector gasket as it is the only one between the WBO2 sensor and the engine. If there is a better way to post data results, please advice. Thanks for any advice! -Kevin