First issue was air cleaner fitment, I wish the special base was included.
Second was a whistling, which was remedied with a 4 hole spacer to replace the open spacer. Not only did the noise go away, but MAP readings became more steady as well.
Next issue was fuel pump noise (screeching). Simple fix check and tighten connections on fuel pump. Then I had an IAC die. It froze up at 100% and would not do anything. Best news of the day was I can get a replacement IAC for any 1998-2002 Dodge 5.9L, which is awesome because I like (AutoZone) lifetime warranty. After replacing the IAC car ran fine again.
One word of advice is to make it a routine to check entire upstream exhaust for leaks. Check header collectors and header flange. If not, ECU will Learn with corrupted data. If you transfer Learning To Base, and click Graph you see a bunch of peaks & valleys, most likely there is a leak. For me my engine only idles at 800 or above, which works, but I lost some of the lope the cam had, but car runs great. I also lowered the temp to which it goes into Learn to 140°F, because I have a 160°F thermostat and temp rarely goes over 170°F. I changed this setting so that the ECU will have more time to Learn and get exhaust to clean out faster. I absolutely love my Sniper so far, and enjoy tuning & learning the reactions to the changes made, it's almost like instant gratification.
I really wish Holley would have a training for tuning here on the west coast. I have not seen anything available in Ventura or Los Angeles county. It makes me wonder did they forget about us.