Swapped my setup to a new chassis and I'm having weak/no fire issues on the rearmost four cylinders. They emit a very weak spark, barely visible, the front four cylinders look like fireballs in comparison. I bought a voltmeter and tested Ohms and volts to each pin in the coil harness. Results are below. On 200m DCV setting. ECU switched on.

Even side coil harness:
Chassis ground= 0.0
Fused power=12.6

Odd side coil harness:
Fused power (red) = 13.4
B21 =7.6
B22 = 7.6
B14 = 0.0
Chassis ground = 0.0
B24 = 7.6
B23 = 7.6

All pins & grounds listed above were Ohmed. Both head grounds were 0.4 at Omega 20 setting. All other pins Ohmed between 0.6 & 0.8, utilized a 4' piece of 16 AWG wire to jam in coil pins and reach the J1 harness. I'm totally confused on why the even side is weaker, and how a connected wire (B14) can Ohm good on both sides and be received power on one side and 0.0V as it should on the other. Harness was removed and stored on last build and no damage occurred that I. Aware during reinstall. Only potential issue is on the red/white ECU trigger I miswired the three pole LED rocker switch, had the trigger and ground backwards, melted the switch as soon as I hooked the battery up. Car starts and runs on front four holes, rear primaries are cold as ice.