Hi! First excuse my English. I was very afraid to do it, but when I purchased the TSLCD 3.5" I did not have another option.

1) Install software V2 V4 (have include the firmware) in notebook.

2) Into software HEFI V2 save the current ecu config (new Global Folder).

3) Run the HEFI V4 GF Converter, select the Global Folder, select the output directory and check "Covert ICFs", run! All the ICF are created in the directory <<< That's how it worked for me.

4) Run HEFI v4 and choice 'Create NEW Global File', you will be asked to choose the ICF one by one (look for them in the output directory of the previous point). Check each ICF if the values are OK. I have a HP ECU and I had to change the ECU type Dominator -> HP. Save the GF.

5) With the ECU power ON (engine not run) connect the Notebook and run HEFI V4 click in USB Link, a new windows with a parameter in red are shown.
Make sure the ignition power is on and USB cable connected. Click on the drop down arrow on the SYNC button (shown here) and select “Update Firmware”. Select the firmware in the directory ..\Holley\HEFI V4\Firmware and follow the directions on the screen. It takes two batches of approximately 15 minutes to transfer and install the firmware. Check the Notebook battery are full charged o connect to AC power adapter.

6) When finish, power off and power on the ECU, Open the GF save in (4), click in USB Link and choice Send To ECU. Now all parameter in green.

7) Do power off and power on the ECU, I try to run the engine but not run. I miss to do a TPS Autoset !!!, do this and start the engine OK, like which v2 firmware. Now I can use my new TSLCD 3.5". Bye