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Thread: No sensor readings and not firing.

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    Default No sensor readings and not firing.

    Hi all. Background: I have a Holley HP EFI (2011 model) on my Jensen Mopar 440. After years of it sitting in the body shop, I’m now trying to get it finally on the road. (I did have it started, but it’s never been driven on the road.)

    So, as part of setting it up ‘properly’, I’ve now fitted the ECU inside the cab, but to do so, I've had to extend the harness (injectors, TPS, MAT, CTS, Fuel pressure) by 50 cms. It took me a day, but I careful extend each of the wires by cutting, soldered (+heat shrink) all the engine bay wires, except the WBO2. I’ve now reconnected the harness and I'm trying to get the ECU to work.

    First off, after upgrading the EFI software to V4, I couldn’t get the ECU to connect with the laptop. After following Danny’s instructions for deleting all the files and reinstalling the EFI software after lots of attempts, I’ve now finally managed to get the ECU to connect (USB Link) showing. I’ve also finally managed to update the ECU firmware with the latest version (it kept crashing for some reason).

    I’ve setup a new base map from the Holley folder, and now when I sync the ECU, I’m getting green OK messages indicating the map has synced correctly and that the TPS Autoset has worked. However, the next problem is that I have no sensor readings showing in the data monitoring box (bottom left). The RPM, TPS, MAP, MAT etc., are all showing zero when the ignition is on or when cranking. I know there is power to the ECU and to the red/white wire as the fuel pump is priming, but no sensor info and it’s not firing.

    The other addition perhaps worth mentioning. I’ve fitted a new MSD Ready-To-Run distributors for a 440 and I’ve connected the gray ‘to tach input’ to the yellow wire (and also to my car tach). I hope that is correct (wiring diagram attached).
    Grateful of any thoughts on how to get it sorted. I was really careful extending the wiring so I think it is OK. Also, if I did have an issue with a connection in a wire I can’t really understand why all the sensors would show zero. Thanks in advance. Alex

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    Until the ECU sees RPM (after a TPS Autoset) nothing with fire. If no RPM shows on the Data Monitor, then that's where you have to go next. If you want you can send me the V4 Global File and I'll look it over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AtkinsAl View Post
    Also, if I did have an issue with a connection in a wire I can’t really understand why all the sensors would show zero.
    You have to click on "USB Link" in order to go "Online" with the ECU. Then it will display sensor values in the Data Monitor.

    Laptop "Online" Communication With ECU:
    Next to the “Toolbox” button, is a button to indicate the following status of ECU/laptop communications.
    Offline: Is shown when the ECU is not powered or the USB cable is not connected.
    USB Link: Is shown when the ECU is powered and USB connectivity is established.
    However, the user has not chosen to select the “Online” mode,
    and the Laptop & ECU are not communicating with each other.
    Changes made at this time on the laptop, are not being updated in the ECU.
    Online: Is shown when the Laptop and ECU are communicating.
    At this point, changes made with the laptop are real-time updated in the ECU.

    • "Get From ECU" & "Send To ECU" - ECU Sync window:
    When you connect a laptop and go "Online" with the ECU, you first want to click "Get From ECU". This updates your laptop with the latest ECU "state of tune". If you click "Send To ECU", you overwrite all the Learning the ECU has performed since the last time that laptop was connected (because you're not sending the latest, up to date values to the ECU). The only time you should click "Send To ECU", is if you're just sending a Global File change to the ECU and you haven't driven the vehicle since the last time the laptop was connected.

    • ECU Date & Time:
    When you go "Online" with the ECU, the option to "Sync ECU Time" (ECU RTC - Real Time Clock) is at the top of the ECU Sync window. Then cycle the ignition key off/on.

    A Terminator ECU is an HP ECU; same ECU, just a different decal. Download the Holley V3/V4 EFI software to your laptop (LINK),
    open the software with the USB cable (LINK/LINK) connected, click on "USB Link" to go "Online" with the ECU, and select "Get From
    ECU", (if there's still a Global Folder/File in it), or "Send To ECU" (if you're selecting a new base calibration to upload into the ECU).

    The EFI (laptop) software, ECU firmware & touchscreen unit (if applicable) must all be V3/V4 compatible (LINK).
    If the touchscreen's GCF Wizard doesn't work, use the laptop EFI software to load the Global File. The V4 EFI software has base
    calibrations available. Open the EFI software & click "Open Global File", then "Base Cals". When using the EFI software, everything
    is done with the laptop. The GCF Wizard or those related files are no longer needed on the 3.5" LCD Touchscreen (TSLCD).

    • Creating, Naming & Saving a Global Folder/File (Global Config Directory):
    You should name your Global File and save it in the EFI software. See below:
    Open the "Help" Contents ("Help" drop down menu), and read "Step-By-Step Beginner's Tuning".
    Or, at least read the "Quick Start Guide":
    IF creating a new Global File Name (as opposed to just saving a change in an existing GF), it's much easier to click "File",
    "Save Global File As...", delete the Global File Name shown and just type in the new name you want without any backslash.

    • Emailing Global Folders/Global Files (V4) & Datalogs:
    Your Global File and/or Datalogs can be emailed to yourself or other forum members. Click on their username, "View Profile", "About Me" & "Download vCard" for their email address. When emailing a Global File or Datalog, use your email's 'attachment utility' function and Browse through your computer's "Documents", "Holley", "HEFI" & "Global Folders"/"Global Files" (V4) or "Datalogs". V3 & earlier: Then right click on your Global Folder and Send To "Compressed (Zipped) Folder". Then select the zipped folder and attach it to the email. V4 Global Files & Datalogs (all versions) aren't required to be "zipped"; simply select & attach it to the email. The recipient now has your entire GF or Datalog in one easy step. If it's zipped from email, so download it to your Desktop (or wherever your PC saves it to), and unzip it. Then "Cut & Paste" the GF into "Holley" "HEFI" "Global Folders/Files" directory (located in Documents).
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.

    '78 BRONCO: 508" stroker, TFS heads, 11:1 comp ratio, Dominator MPFI & DIS, cold air induction, Spal dual 12" fans/aluminum radiator, dual 3" exhaust/Magnaflow mufflers, Moroso vacuum pump, Accusump, engine oil & trans fluid coolers, 100HP progressive dry direct-port NOS, A/C, LenTech Strip Terminator wide-ratio AOD/2500 RPM converter, 3:1 Atlas II, modified Dana 44/60-lockers-4.10s, hydroboost/4-disc brakes, ram-assist/heim joint steering, Cage long radius arms, traction bars, 4" Skyjacker lift, 35" mud tires

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    I assume you could connect to the ECU because you did a TPS Autoset. Are you connected?

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    Thanks for the replies & apologies; I really should've been able to figure this one out! Going forward, I will ensure I use the search facility first and have a good read of some of the links provided by Danny. So, I’ve now selected "Online" and as expected, the sensor readings are displaying. Most of the sensors seem sensible:
    TPS is working fine.
    MAP - 102 kPa
    MAT – 54°F
    CTS – 55°F
    Baro - 102 kPa
    Battery - 12.3 volts

    The two that I can’t figure. RPM is showing stall and there's no value when cranking. Since refitting the car (new heads, manifold) I’ve installed an MSD Ready-To-Run distributor and connected the yellow –VE coil wire to the MSD grey tach wire (that's also connected to my tach). I’m wondering whether I should connect the wire to the –VE side of the coil instead.

    Fuel pressure. When I originally fitted the kit, I also installed the Holley fuel pressure gauge and prior to the current refit work, it was showing the correct value of 21 PSI (and started OK). Since refitting the heads, manifold & TBI and fitting the hoses it's now showing 106 PSI!!! I’m not sure what has changed since completed the refitted. I need to double check I fitted the hoses the correct way round, would this cause the problem? I'm running a swirl pot and the pot is definitely getting fuel. Thanks again for the patience here. Alex

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    How have you setup the Ignition Parameters? As I said, until the ECU sees RPM (after a TPS Autoset) nothing with fire. If no RPM shows on the Data Monitor, then that's where you have to go next. If you want, you can send me the V4 Global File and I'll look it over.

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    Hi all. Just to say, it's all sorted now. Looks like the Holley ECU didn't seem to like the tach signal from the MSD distributor. Once I switched to the -VE on coil, it was fine. Also, I put the fuel hoses on the wrong way round, which explains the fuel pressure reading! Thanks for the advice.

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