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Thread: Sniper EFI "sticky" throttle.

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    Default Sniper EFI "sticky" throttle.

    Hello everyone. I'm struggling with an issue where my RPM do not go down after lifting off the throttle. The RPM will stay high, as though I still have the pedal pressed, usually right at the top RPM just before I let off. The TPS goes to 0%, but the IAC stays at 30%, as though I'm still pressing the throttle. Blipping the throttle ones or twice will causing the RPM to return to normal. I've included a brief video at the bottom of this post so that you can see what I mean. I called tech support, but they didn't have any ideas. I floated the idea of a stuck throttle plate or something, but they said they hadn't heard of that and needed more information. Has anyone experienced this before? Thanks! Jefferson

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    Funny, I just posted this in another thread. The way I found my issue was when the RPM was up, I reached in and was able to close the rear blades a little more, and the RPM dropped back down to where it was supposed to be. Check to make sure your rear throttle blades are closing. I had a similar issue, wound up my rear throttle blades would not close all the way all the time.

    I loosened the butterfly plate screws, held the shaft closed all the way and retightened the screws, aligning the plates in the bore. I then added another turn/wrap on the spring on the rear throttle blade shaft. This fixed my issue of the blades staying open some on occasion, usually when the engine was hot.
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    I thought it might be something like that. I'll give that a shot. I was hoping I wouldn't have to take the hat off of the Sniper and reseal it! Oh well.

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    I was able to put another wrap on the secondary spring while on the car. Not easy, but possible. Probably easier to pull it off to work on it, IMHO.

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