Hi. So I'm about to purchase a Holley Sniper EFI system for my 1969 Camaro with a small block 350 HO engine, and I'm putting my parts list together and cost model to do the complete installation. I'm planning on converting to a dual electric fan system for cooling and I have a couple questions and looking for some input on this idea.

First I was trying to figure out how I could get my fans to operate as a two stage cooling system. (I.E. One fan running at normal operating temperature and the second fan kicking in when the temperature get a little to hot.) The idea came to me that I might be able to use the fan control from the Sniper system to achieve this without have to purchase a separate control to make this work. My idea is to make the first fan and wire it in the standard method by using a relay and the temperature switch in the manifold that will turn on at 195°F and off at 180°F. On the second fan I would wire it through the second relay and temperature switch and connect it to the fan lead from the Sniper Control Module and use this to control when this fan comes on. So I would want to set this at 195°F and off at 185°F. That way this fan would come on when the engine get a little over heated and help cool the system down when needed. Will this work the way I am thinking?

Also, do I need to change out my stock thermostat out for a higher range one, so the engine has a higher base running temperature since I'm running an EFI system?

One more question. I'm planning on using the Holley retro fit in-tank fuel pump Holley 12-300 Fuel Pump, Electric In-Tank, which states Fuel pressure is regulated internally and preset at 58 psi, and the Holley Sniper also have an internal fuel pressure regulator, does this cause any issues with having two regulators in series on the fuel line? Will this Holley in-tank pump work with the Sniper EFI system? Also, the Holley 12-300 states that no return line is required this is all handled within the tank. Will the Sniper unit work well without a return line? - Joe