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Thread: Blowing fuses during Wizard.

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    Default Blowing fuses during Wizard.

    Hi all. I installed the Sniper EFI and dual sync distributor today, I believe everything is wired properly, but every time I start the install Wizard, I go through doing the engine displacement, WOT timing, etc., then when it goes to send to ECU it blows the 30 amp fuse right away. Then I have no connection to ECU. I知 stuck as to what could be going wrong. Black & red are wired directly to the battery, blue fuel pump is directly to + on pump. The only thing I can think of, I知 wondering if the three pink wires (one on main harness, one on coil module, and one on the distributor adapter) if any of those DON'T need a ignition power supply, or needs its own. I知 not sure. Any input would be greatly appreciated, as I can稚 do anything without blowing that damn fuse!

    Also, I知 not getting any fuel from the fuel pump, it only has power when I知 cranking the engine, which seems odd to me too. I知 a diesel guy working on a '72 Chevy pickup, way out of my element. Do I need to puncture inside the fuel filters before installing?
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    I can't help you with some of the things, but you do not puncture the fuel filter. And what I've learned is the fuel pump will not work right unless a initial calibration has been sent to the ECU and powered off then back on. And in your case, it keeps blowing a fuse and I don't know if you've cycled the ignition off, but I don't think you have if you keep blowing a fuse. I would worry about the pump last and fix the blown fuse problem first.
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