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Thread: Timing Control with MSD-8479 Pro Billet

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    Question Timing Control with MSD-8479 Pro Billet

    Hi all. I'm Andy from the UK and this is my first post on here, so please go easy on me if I get it wrong!

    I've built a Ford 302 up with Edelbrock Performer RPM heads, cam, intake & carb. This is going in a Cobra replica in the UK. Due to potential changes to emissions rules I'm looking to add EFI to my engine (plus cats to bring CO & HCs down). The engine has dyno time on it only, so ideally I'd like to keep as much of my setup as possible when adding the Sniper EFI. I'd like to include timing control, once the engine has a few miles on it and the Sniper has Learned my engine.

    Ignition side, I have a Summit CD box, MSD coil & MSD 8479 Pro Billet distributor. I've searched the forum, but can't find anyone who has had a good/bad experience using a MSD distributor with the Sniper. I thought there are a few videos on YouTube showing engines running with them and doing timing control. So any thoughts/experiences would be greatly appreciated. I'd rather not ditch my virtually new MSD for the Holley Dual sync, unless I absolutely have to. Thanks for your help in advance (no pun intended)! Andy

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    I'm currently using a Pro Billet with my Sniper. Unlike the Dual Sync, you will have to adjust the setup to work best. Here are some things to take into consideration, in addition to what Holley says:
    1) Make sure your Reference Angle is 10° more than the max timing the engine will see.
    2) Set your Minimum Signal Voltage to 0.65V and your Filtering to High.
    3) Try using the stock non-adjustable rotor. For some reason the MSD 84211 adjustable rotor can cause issues.
    4) You need to have a CS alternator. A SI alternator was not built to work with EFI.
    5) Make sure no spark plug wires are touching your air cleaner.
    6) Also make sure you have quality plug wires. MSD Super Conductors have the lowest EMI.

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    The MSD distributor uses the same magnetic pickup as the Ford Duraspark distributors, which I have never had a problem using with timing control. There usually is more noise associated with the magnetic style pickups that are inside the distributor, so what Chevy C10 said about the Minimum Signal Voltage & Filtering is important. I would try the stock settings first, and then change the settings if you run into problems.

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    Great information, thanks for the replies. It sounds like it can be made to work albeit with some fiddling. I'm wondering now if I might leave my MSD intact, and sell it as is, it's almost as new. I can then get the Holley Dual Sync Distributor, and hopefully eliminate the niggles that come with making things work together. Looking forward to fitting the Sniper EFI now. It was always on my upgrade list, but hey, things change.

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