First day video: Moving the truck into the shop.

Old vs New:

On the engine. Vacuum and throttle/transmission cable connected.

3/4" hole drilled for WBO2 sensor. It's 10+ degrees above horizontal and near the collector.

Derp. included 2.5" exhaust clamps for WBO2 sensor mounting, don't fit my 3" exhaust. I'll need to go buy some 3" clamps:

Draining some coolant to install the new temp sensor.

Temp sensor install location. May need to relocate it as I've read the reading back there can be too low.

Got the fuel tank drained in to Jerry cans.
Removed the mechanical fuel pump.
Assembled the electric fuel pump and filters.

Found a factory return line I intend to use. Need to get a fitting to step down from the 3/8" fuel hose to the 5/16" steel return line going into the fuel tank.

I intend to keep the two 3/8" hoses (green & red below) next to each other, along the frame rail before running them up the firewall above the transmission, around the distributor into the EFI unit. I'd use the factory hard lines along the frame except they terminate way at the front by the radiator, not where I want to start running the 3/8" hose. The headers will be approx 3" away from the fuel line at the nearest point. I suspect this is OK for temps, but I'll look into something to wrap parts of the fuel hose with to protect it from heat as an extra step:

Here's the fuel routing plan.

High flow mechanical fuel pump vs electric fuel pump.