New here and ready to learn! I would truthfully say I'm a complete noob to EFI tuning.

Heading out this weekend to pick up my new ride as follows:
92' Ford Mustang
Rod & Piston LS3
Comp CT5 Billet 82mm turbo with 100 mm turbine.
Built 4L80E.
Flex Fuel using GM sensor.
Holley Dominator with harness and 7" Digital Dash.
Front wheel traction utilizing 25t reluctor and hall sensor tied into Holley.

The car is currently tuned well by current owner. Just looking to pickup tips & tricks, and also learn more on how to dial in the traction control, boost ramp, 2-Step etc. Essentially just the corrections I'll need to make based on specific tracks/roads. Current owner did outline that the tune is safe and fully setup, but could gain power if tuned by a professional and for that specific reason. I have a lot of local resources as well as some good referrals to Los Vasquez for his $200 tutorial & help. Not sure exactly which way I'll be going. That is TBD. Honestly, I'll probably enjoy as is for a while, as I'm learning the car. Plan is to leave it on 7 lb wastegate spring for a while and slowly work up from there. The car is pretty dang fast IMO even on 7 lb. Current owner took it to the strip once at that level and went 10.26 at 135. Looking forward to reading & possibly getting help from a few of you. Excited to learn & tackle this part of a car. Thanks!