I'm a newbie to EFI, but have been turning wrenches for a long time. Here's what I have:
1972 Dodge D100 2WD Truck
360 Engine, .030" over with a mild RV cam. (Don't remember the specs on it, installed it in 1997.)
727 Transmission
MSD Pro Billet Distributor & 6A CDI box*
Accel Super Stock 8mm Wires*
Summit Racing CD Coil*
*All bought new on 1/13/18 along with the Sniper Master Kit.

Here's the issues that I'm having.
1. When I first install the TBI and was doing the sensor verification test, my TPS would only go to 79% at WOT. so I took off my linkage to where it was just the TBI unit and that is as high as it would go. The book says it needs to higher, like 85%+ at WOT. Is this something I need to fix so the ECU can see WOT? Is there adjustment I can make to get it to the higher reading?

2. When I first started my truck up with everything installed, I noticed my fuel pressure was between 90-100psi. So I took the gauge and put it on the return side to make sure the line was restricting the flow back to the tank, that reading was between 1-2 (I could see the needle move, but just barely). So next I removed the regulator and noticed a thick liquid varnish like substance on the little regulator screen. I used some carb clean and an old soft tooth brush to remove it. Now the pressure is bouncing between 45-65psi and the pump is extremely noisy like it is cavitating. My tank is the factory tank installed behind the seat and my pump and filters are mounted on the frame rail. Prior to installing the Sniper, I removed the tank and installed a 3/8" bung in the very bottom of it to supply the system with fuel and installed a 3/8" bulkhead through the sending unit with a steel line going down to the bottom for the return line. The return and supply lines in the tank are around 2 feet apart from each other. All fuel lines are 3/8" and all brand new. What would make the pump get so noisy and what would cause the pump to cavitate with a full tank? Could the pump have been damaged by the plugged up regulator?

Any help would be appreciated. For the most part the truck runs pretty good, not perfect but better than with a carb. I've only driven it a couple of miles, need to resolve the issues above before actually doing any kind of driving to get the Learning started. Ron

UPDATE: I contacted Holley Tech and Ron T. helped me out. He's sending me a new regulator, regulator cover and a TPS. The parts should be here on Friday, so we'll see. Hopefully it will fix the issues, although I'm still concerned about the noise the pump was making, and the fact the pressure was bouncing. It tells me the pump is cavitating even with a full tank of fuel installed higher than the pump. If the regulator brings the pressure to normal and the pump goes back to being quiet, I'm still going to be wondering if that pump will fail and leave me on the side of the road. Maybe the high pressure/lack of flow caused it to overheat and damaged it. To be continued I guess!