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Thread: Sniper EFI, Dual Sync, MSD 6AL, Blaster 2 Coil

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    Default Sniper EFI, Dual Sync, MSD 6AL, Blaster 2 Coil

    This is my first post. I ordered the Sniper EFI system with the Dual Sync, MSD 6AL & 8202 Blaster 2 coil. I can't find any wiring diagrams showing this combination of parts. I'm trying to figure out if it'll work and how to wire it. I see a wiring diagram that shows a CD type coil with the 6AL box. Is that going to be the same as what I have?

    I'm switching over from a Holley 4150 DP & HEI distributor. My engine is a SBC 383 stroker that I built last winter. That was my first engine build and it went well. The engine is strong and has about 350 HP. I'm changing to EFI because I had a lot of problems with timing and not enough fuel. I had to dial back the timing to 2° BTDC or it would ping. The engine wanted to ping when I would hammer it from a rolling start. I started with an Edelbrock 1450, and then I got the Holley 4150. Neither one was supplying enough fuel at WOT. And I spent months tuning them both to try & fix it. I eventually had the biggest squirters and the 50cc accelerator pumps with the yellow cams and it still wasn't enough fuel. The reason I know is because I have an Innovate Motorsports AFR gauge.

    The engine has a Comp Cams 08-408-8 roller cam with about .490" lift & 206° duration at .050". So it's pretty mild. I wanted a torque engine down low, since it's in an 83 Chevy K20. The heads are Edelbrock E-Tec 170 heads, Edelbrock dual-plane intake. I bought a 1/2" spacer, since I heard sometimes the Sniper has issues with dual-plane intake manifolds. I'll be working on it today. The manual says to start the Sniper EFI for the first time without timing control, so I'll leave the HEI in for the first startup. Thanks for any wisdom you all can impart on me.
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