I've had a few power adder cars, but this is my first venture into stand-alone style EFI systems.
I'm hearing impaired, so what I "learn" is pretty much from reading, as talking over a phone is not going to work, LOL.
I'll be needing some tips, pretty much anything someone cares to throw out there I'll take, LOL. I'm not shy saying
I'm new at this. Looking forward to learning and hopefully making something decent out of my ride. Thanks.

My car is a 1991 Fox body, pretty standard fare.
Stock short block, TFS heads, Holley intake 64mm turbo.
Six speed T56 Magnum.
Mini tubbed 10 point moly cage, stock body with exception of hood.
I bought a Holley HP EFI, and will be using the stock TFI distributor for now.