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Thread: 1981 Jeep Cherokee Sniper Install

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    Default 1981 Jeep Cherokee Sniper Install

    I'm going to try & put my installation here. As well as things I mess up. I want to be accurate on this install. That means installing a new design hardware/software in a 37 year old vehicle will not be fault free. With most of the fault being the wrench manipulator.

    My Jeep has a AMC 360 stock engine. My goals are to be able to drive from 500 feet elevation to 14,000 feet without having to tune a carb. Not expecting 700 HP or anything like it. I don't see many install threads here, so I thought I would do one.

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    1981 Jeep Cherokee FSJ

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    Sounds good. I have the Sniper EFI on a 60s 327, in a '73 Land Cruiser, and it runs like a champ. Had couple of teething problems, but they're ironed and I'm very happy with a "smart" system on the old truck.

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    I think you'll like it. My buddy installed one on his '78 Cherokee with a 360, and he seems to like his a lot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SatherCS View Post
    I think you'll like it. My buddy installed one on his '78 Cherokee with a 360, and he seems to like his a lot.
    Is his 360 stock?
    1981 Jeep Cherokee FSJ

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    I think it's mostly stock, with the exception of an Edelbrock intake and some cheap headers. He also still has the stock Duraspark distributor, but changed to the large cap, and also swapped out the module on the inner fender for a four pin HEI. I'm not sure if anything else has been done to it otherwise.

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    I filled out the online registration form. Danny if you read this, the questions are not good and there's a very narrow choice of answers available. I know not your area, but maybe you could pass it along.
    1981 Jeep Cherokee FSJ

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    I understand, it's not my department, but I'll pass it on.
    May God's grace bless you in the Lord Jesus Christ.
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    AZ Chip, you will like it. I have one on my 82 CJ7, and is a whole lot better than the 670 I had on mine. The hardest part with install was the gas tank, trying to get my return back in the tank a few hours of scratching my head and some custom tool I got it to work.

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    Hopefully I don't need custom tooling. I figured out the 727 TorqueFlite linkage yesterday. I took the old one off the carb and drilled & tapped it for 6-32 screw. Bam, attachment complete. Hope it works OK. I'm doing the fuel pump now. Adapting a Holley in-tank to my fuel sender. In-tank is a must in my opinion in Arizona.
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    1981 Jeep Cherokee FSJ

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    Ha ha. My custom tooling was a wrench with a piece of flat bar welded to it, to make a L-shape to be able hold it in the tank to tighten the nut.

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