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Thread: Kill Switch Install

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    Thank you for all your ideas.
    I'm thinking of installing three switches, each will have to be in the proper position for the car to start.

    One switch will break the connection to the starter solenoid.
    One switch will break the connection to the Sniper "Pink" wire (which also kills the fuel pump).
    One switch will connect to the MSD "Kill" wire (which is the unused trigger wire).

    I know this does not stop the car from being stolen, but it certainly slow down the thief.
    I have actually heard of cars just being towed away, so it's impossible to stop all theft.
    With the three switches tucked up under the dash with the wires bundled, it will take a thief some
    time to figure which connections to jumper and which ones to have open. Thank You again, Paul

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    My 2 cents: If you're that susceptible to theft, I would:
    1) Take the handheld out of the vehicle or put it in a vehicle mounted lock box/gun safe or at least a good hiding spot.
    2) I would have a good smart alarm and preferably a GPS tracker that would also help you find it, if it was towed.

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    I'm actually in the process of adding a kill switch to my car, and my plan it so put a switch on the fuel pump. However, those here are saying a "pink" wire. I was going to switch the blue wire that goes to the fuel pump. It's in the rear and I'm hiding my switch in the trunk. My thought is that if someone tried to start it, you would hear it trying to crank, but the pump would be off so no fuel. This would hopefully draw some attention and spook them if they were trying to drive it off.

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    You can get all kinds of tricky, but if you don't have a wireless/trackable device, and they show up with a wrecker or rollback, you're done.
    1) Put a switch "unobtrusive" under the seat, etc, and break any circuit which will kill the car. Fuel pump coil works fine.
    2) You can get all kinds of tricky. Hook the cold side of the brake light switch to a simple latching relay circuit. Hit the brake, the engine dies. Unobtrusive switch will disable it so you can drive.
    3) Some guys have used the lighter which is a one wire deal to ground to act as a grounding switch. Not sure this is a good idea as lighters get pretty grungy/corroded and may not be reliable.

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    It would be cool to get a tracking device. Surely there is getting to be more options than just LoJack now.

    I did the kill switch on the blue wire to the pump today. It worked just as I expected. With the switch off the car will actually fire up, but it only runs for about 2 seconds until all of the fuel in the line is gone and then it dies. Try to start from there and it just cranks without firing. Flip the switch back and it does take about a second or so longer than normal to start, since it has to fill the fuel line again.

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    LoJack is a poor option. Years ago (some woman recently wrecked it for me), I had a nice Ranger, came (used) with a LoJack, which I removed. Most of the area up here where I live, WA, ID, MT has no LoJack coverage.

    There are "cell" based options, in fact if you're a family with a "multiple line" package, there are ways you can track a phone with an app. A cheap phone on "silent" buried in the car and hooked to a charger may be all you need. "I ain't" an expert on the dedicated options.

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