Here's my 1967 Camaro that I just finished installing a turbo on. The combo is:
SBE L33, 180K miles, untouched 799 heads, LS9 gaskets, China studs, BTR dual springs shimmed to 1.750”, Tick 5/16” 0.080” wall pushrods, trunnion bushing kit, new oil pump and timing chain. LJMS custom cam – 229/233, .604/.607, 113+4.

Edelbrock Pro-Flo intake, factory DBW throttle body.

Holley Dominator EFI, Bosch 210’s @ 43psi base, Dual Walbro 450’s @ 14.5v, E70-85 w/Flex sensor. BR7EFs @ .022”, Dual solenoid boost control w/ViAir onboard air @ 80psi. Sensors for pre-turbine pressure, pre-IC pressure and temp, coolant pressure, and compressor rpm. AEM 12-position switch to adjust boost in 2psi increments.

Forced Inductions S485/T6/96 turbo, Holley cast turbo manifold kit, 60mm VS W Racing wastegate w/5# spring, 50mm VS Racing BOV, 18x12x6” Vibrant intercooler, 3.5” cold-side to TB, 4” Downpipe into LoudValve cutout(controlled by ECU), dual 3” exhaust w/Borla XS mufflers.

TH400 w/FTI 9.5” converter, Fab9 housing with Wave-Trac diff and 3.25 gears. Cal-Trac leafs and bars, Santhuff coils, Viking Crusader DA’s all around.

Goal for this year is to drive it to the track, run 8.50's and drive it home. Was planning on some True Street races, but NMCA West is no longer running out here in CA.

I plan on coating the cold-side piping, compressor housing, and possibly the intercooler black

3" cold side with bungs for pre-IC temp, pressure and wastegate. LPS Alpha-Loc coupler, Vibrant 18x12x6" core with fabricated tanks

4" stainless downpipe with 4" LoudValve boost-activated cutout and dual 3" exhaust into Borla XS mufflers

Front grille shot. Had to use a narrower intercooler due to RS headlight doors swinging inward when open.

Intercooler bracket bolts to stock latch location. Going to use Quick-Latch fasteners to replace latch.

60mm VS Racing WG merged into downpipe with slip-fit connection. 3.5" cold side going to throttle body with 50mm VS Racing BOV.

CNC plasma cut turbo brace