Good Morning. I have a question about the Holley 12-130 Retrofit In-Tank Fuel Pump.
I'm Building two 4x4 Jeep Trucks. I've purchased two 550-516 Sniper EFI kits, and two 12-130 retrofit in-tank pumps.
A '73 Jeep Wagoneer AMC 401 V8, new engine 400 HP approximately. Edelbrock heads very small hydraulic roller cam, 4 speed T18.
A '67 Jeep Gladiator AMC 360 V8, new engine 300 HP approximately. Very small hydraulic flat cam, 4 speed T18.
Both will be used for city, highway, towing, 4x4 rock crawling & Hot Desert use here in Australia.

My question is, does the Walbro 255 LPH pump too much for this setup?
Especially the smaller 360 V8 engine, more of a stock performance engine?
Would you recommend a smaller pump for my applications? Thank you for your time guys.