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    OK I need some help here. I have the 7" Digital Dash with I/O adapter & harness. The version is 4.0.33 and the blinkers and high beams are setup & working. The fuel level is not showing properly. It shows 100 (0-100 range for dash gauge), except for when I first crank the car and it might dip to 97 and climb back up. It does not change with different fuel levels. Here's the vehicle specs and how I have it setup:

    2005 Mustang / 15 empty - 160 full (Ohms) / there are two FL wires but both read close to each other
    I have checked the ohm's at close to half (around 80 something) and full which is 160ish.
    *This part should be correct.* Hopefully someone sees my error, so I can move on to the next thing. Thanks, Mike

    0-100 RANGE
    1*X+0 MATH

    15.00 / 0.00
    24.06 / 6.67
    33.13 / 13.33
    42.19 / 20.00
    51.25 / 26.67
    60.31 / 33.33
    69.38 / 40.00
    78.44 / 46.67
    96.56 / 53.33
    105.63 / 60.00
    114.69 / 66.67
    123.75 / 73.33
    132.81 / 80.00
    141.88 / 86.67
    150.94 / 93.33
    160.00 / 100.00
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    OK, you’re a little unclear. It shows 100% except when you’re cranking, and then it’s fine otherwise? So you’re setup to read 0-100% full?

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    Sorry, I left some info out. I went back and added it there and here. My range for the dash gauge is 0-100. It shows 100 at all fuel levels (bar matches). Even if I double the range (0-200) it will stay at 100 and the bar will sit at halfway then. Hopefully that makes sense?
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    Deleted the gauge today and reloaded with the same result. Does the info posted above look correct?

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