Hi Guys. I have the above carb on my 410 CI Windsor in my '65 Mustang making around 600 HP and I've started to have flooding issues, mainly when it's been idling at the traffic lights. As soon as I move off, it floods like crazy to the point where it's black smoking out of the exhaust & the engine cutting out. I'll have to floor it to clear the fuel and it will be ok for a while then starts again. I've replaced the needle & seat assemblies (my carb runs .110" units), checked the o-rings, weighed the floats (all ok), checked that the float springs are correctly hooked in, and all is OK. The only thing I can see (using a loupe), is that the brass seat dose not have a taper machined for the Viton tipped needle to seal properly. Looks just like a square hole that has been drilled? Is this normal or do I just have a bad pair of needle/seat assemblies? I'm thinking that the Viton tip can't seal correctly to the unmachined surface & the fuel just creeps by. Thanks, Endre.