I have a Chevy 350 that had an old aftermarket Holley LIST-6210-3 installed on it many moons ago. My car runs fine, but I have a moderate fuel smell in the garage after I park it, after driving the car. In looking at the carb, it appears that it's weeping fuel from around the idle mixture screws. I know that replacing the idle mixture screw gaskets is an easy job. My question though, is about what appears to be plastic caps that are covering the idle mixture screws (see attached pic). I've never seen a Holley with these caps before. Can I simply pry off these caps without damaging anything? I’m hoping that this is all I’ll need to do to gain access to the idle mixture screws. If so, I’m inclined to leave them off after I replace the gaskets, because they limit the amount that the screws can be adjusted (about one turn). Thanks, Rick