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    Default Incompatible Handheld Firmware

    There may be an issue for small number of Sniper EFI customers.

    If the handheld displays Sniper EFI on the main menu, the handheld will communicate correctly with the Sniper EFI and no action is needed.

    If the handheld displays Holley EFI the handheld needs to be updated with the Sniper EFI Handheld Firmware. This can be downloaded on the Holley Tech Resources webpage, in the Sniper EFI section.
    The "Sniper EFI SD Card Contents" have been uploaded, which contains the Handheld Firmware needed for update.

    Direct Download of SD Card Contents: Sniper EFI SD Card Contents

    Reference the attached pictures to help determine the Handheld Firmware Needs Updated.

    To Update the Handheld Firmware by downloading SD card contents from website:
    1. Delete Contents from the SD card provided with the Sniper EFI Handheld.
    2. Extract (unzip) the downloaded files to the root folder of the SD Card provided with the Sniper EFI Handheld. Remove the SD card from the computer.
    3. Power off the Sniper EFI.
    4. Insert the SD card into the Sniper EFI Handheld that is connected to the Sniper EFI.
    5. Power on the Sniper EFI. After a short time you will see a message on the handheld with a progress percentage changing. Once complete the Screen will display "Remove SD, reboot device".
    6. The Sniper EFI Handheld firmware has been loaded properly. Next time the Sniper EFI is turned on the Sniper EFI Handheld will load like normal.

    If you cannot download the Sniper EFI SD Card Contents from the website, please contact Holley Tech Service who will send you an SD card.

    Updating firmware for Sniper EFI:

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