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That's V1 ECU firmware. You need to update your EFI software/ECU firmware versions (LINK). There have been many EFI functionality updates/improvements since then.
The instructions for how to choose a version and how to update the ECU are, shall we say, a little vague. For instance, are these software updates all good for the Avenger TBI? Or is there one specific update I should be looking at?

One thing to note is that I do not have a Windows laptop. In fact, I'm pretty much running a Linux only environment. Beyond that, I have no interest in buying a USB to CAN bus adapter so it looks like the V4 update isn't going to work for me as they appear to only be Windows executable. Unless I can find a file to copy onto the flash card in the controller screen and use it to update the ECU.

Near as I can figure, the V3 update gives me the techlibrary_hefi_03000140.eep file that looks like it might be the ECU firmware. I just need to make sure that one is going to work on my ECU (assuming I change the LCD controller to 3.x as well). Either that or I need to figure out how to get a V4 ECU firmware file to load on my flash card. Any advice you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks.